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FYJC/SYJC Information Technology (IT) for Science Stream

For students pursuing the science stream in First Year of Junior College (FYJC) or Second Year of Junior College (SYJC) as per the Maharashtra Board syllabus, Information Technology (IT) is one of the vocational subject options. Students usually opt for Information Technology (100 marks) if they do not wish study a second language (100 marks).

Students cannot expect to score very high marks in a second language owing to the subjective nature of the questions asked in the exam papers. Selecting Information Technology is a wise option for students as the examination paper pattern for this subject focuses primarily on objective questions. This ensures that students can score very high marks in this subject and increase their overall percentage score in HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate).

Additionally, learning Information Technology acquaints students about the inner workings of Information technology which has touched almost every aspect of our lives. To state this obvious, this is one subject whose practical aspects will touch your everyday life.

Colleges don’t always give students the necessary coaching or training in this subject. They mostly gloss over most topics often leaving students frustrated with unaddressed doubts.

Taught in the right manner, IT is quite a fascinating subject. At Hrishi Computer Education, we provide academic coaching in Information Technology for Science stream of FYJC and SYJC so that students can gain in depth knowledge of the subject and can even perform required practicals independently. Personal attention is given to every student in the batch along with practice sessions in the computer lab. Our experienced faculty ensures that students get a solid foundation in this subject and also conduct special doubt-resolution sessions.


4 Months


6 Days/ 3 Hours

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FYJC SYJC IT (Science) Syllabus Details:

FYJC Information Technology - SCIENCE

Introduction to Information Technology

  • Computer Hardware and User Interface

Office Suite

  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS PowerPoint

Multimedia and Web Browser

  • Paint and Drawing Applications
  • Web Browsers
  • Introduction to WWW
  • Internet Related Protocols
  • Web Servers
  • Web Browsers
  • Email
  • Outlook Express
  • Messengers (Yahoo, MSN, AOL)
  • Introduction to Networking
  • Data Communication (Concept)
  • Bounded and Wireless Network
  • Network Topologies
  • Ethernet

Introduction to Visual Basic

  • Windows and Toolbars
  • Controls
  • Variables
  • Built-in Functions

Introduction to HTML

  • HTML Tags and Attributes
  • Images in HTML
  • Tables in HTML

Introduction to JavaScript

  • Difference Between Java and JavaScript
  • Variables, Literals, Unary Operators, Binary Operators
  • Expressions and Alerts

SYJC Information Technology - SCIENCE

Web Publication

  • Introduction to Frames: Frames and their Creation, frame, frameset, Frame Linking, Floating or Inline Frames
  • Image Mapping Client and Server Side: Image Maps map and area tags, Client side and Server Side Image Maps
  • Designing a simple form: Form Design, form, input, select and option tags, Introduction to CGI Scripting.
  • Embedded audio and Video: Inserting audio in HTML Pages, the embed bgsound and meta tags.
  • Javaapplets : applet and param tag
  • Moving Files to Web Server
    • Web Servers, Facilities offered by the Web Server
    • Directories, Properties of Files to be copied/moved to Web Server, Introduction to Setting up of UNIX and Windows based Web Servers.
  • Cross Browsers testing and Verifying Links: Testing Websites on Different browsers
  • Font Embedding using Microsoft WEFT
  • Introduction to CSS-Inline, Internal, External CSS

Cyber Law And Ethics

  • Moral Ethics and Law. Need for Ethics Culture
  • Ethics for
    • Computer Users: Software Privacy, Unauthorized Access
    • Computer Professionals: Professional Standards, Professional Responsibility, Programmer’s Liability
    • Business
    • Information Service
    • Code of Ethics, ethics Guidelines
  • Introduction to Cyber Law, Requirement of IT act, IT act in brief
    • Definition of Act-Access, Addressee, Data, Digital Signature, Electronic Form, Electronic Gazette, Electronic Record, Function, Information, License, Private Key, Public Key, Secure System.
    • Ten Commandments of Computing
  • Security ,Privacy and Control
    • Intellectual Property Rights-Copyright, Fair Use, Copying and Distribution, limitations, Attribution and Acknowledgement, Shareware, Freeware and Public domain Software.


  • Electronic Commerce-Scope Definition
  • Trade Cycle
  • Electronic Markets-Usage, Advantages & Disadvantages and its future.
  • Electronic Data Interchange-Definition, Benefits
  • Internet Commerce, E-commerce in Perspective
  • Security issues-Security threats like damage to data, loss of data and unauthorized use of data. Security procedures-Firewall, ACL.

Client Side Scripting Using JavaScript

  • Difference between server side script & client side script
  • Reason for JavaScript being the Universal Client Side Scripting language
  • The Document Object Model(DOM) and properties events and Methods of Objects
  • JavaScript Events and Event Handling
  • Simple JavaScript programs involving Validation of date, numbers, e-mail address, username and passwords and standard objects

ASP Using VBScript

  • Introduction to ASP
  • ASP Compared to other Server Scripts
  • Variables, DataTypes, Operator, Declaration and Expressions in VBScript
  • Selection and Iteration in VBScript
  • Variable Types in VBScript
  • Events and Event driven Actions
  • ASP Objects
  • Simple ASP Programmes using VBScript

Database Concepts And Interaction With ASP

  • Forms, Queries and Reports in MS Access
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Introduction to ActiveX Data Objects(ADO),Data Source Creation From ODBC Database, the connection Object, Concept of DSN,DSN and DSN-Less connections, Creating a connection using OLEDB, creating a Microsoft Data Link Connection, Inserting, Deleting and Updating table data using ASP
  • Introduction to the Record set Object


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HRISHI Computer Education, one of the leading IT/ Computer Education Institutes in Vasai-Virar, is run under the visionary leadership of Mrs. Surekha Bhosale.