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GST Compliance Mastery

GST Compliance Mastery is a highly intensive course that empowers you with all the knowledge related to accounting and taxation. We are one of the best and premier training institutes in Mumbai North region (Vasai, Virar, Palghar) providing this Business Accounting Course. If you wish to build a career in finance or banking and therefore wish to pursue a Finance course or Banking course in Mumbai, our Business Accounting Course is an ideal course which will suit your needs
This accounting and taxation course covers the entire syllabus given below and is inclusive of Banking, Finance, GST, Tally and Taxation. Additional activities for students include Live Projects and Case Studies.

Highlights of the GST Compliance  Course:

  • Excel is used to manage most office tasks in areas such as accounting, administration, human resources, sales, and purchasing.
  • A person with advanced Excel skills is very important in the management of information systems functions.
  • Experienced Accounting Professionals Designed This Advanced Excel Course
  • The Advanced Excel Course focuses on providing you with hands-on practice in order to help you become a professional accountant.
  • Practical Case Studies and Practice on Live Projects are included in this online Advanced Excel Course with Certificate.
  • Extensive training.


2 Month


6 Days/ 1 Hours

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Complete syllabus for GST Compliance Mastery course is given below:


  • Why GST introduced in India?
  • Tax Laws Before GST & Types of Taxation
  • Cascading Effect
  • Concept of GST on Value Addition
  • Issues Resolved after GST
  • What is GST?
  • Benefits of GST
  • Concept of GST
  • Components of GST
  • Activities which are neither Goods nor Services
  • Different Tax Rates of Goods
  • Different Tax Rates of Services
  • What is Exempt Supply?
  • Types of Exemptions
  • List of Exempted Goods
  • List of Exempted Services
  • Exempted Supply ITC
  • Non Taxable, Nil Rated, Zero Rated and Non GST Supplies
  • what is GST Registration?
  • GSTIN Structure
  • Types of Registration
  • Cancellation of Registration
  • Documents required for Registration
  • Hands on Training on Registration Process
  • What is time of supply?
  • Time of supply of goods
  • Time of supply of services
  • Change in rate of tax in respect of supply of goods or services
  • What is place of supply?
  • Place of supply of goods
  • Place of supply of services
  • Place of supply in case of Imports / Exports
  • Migration
  • Transitional Provision - ITC
  • Transitional Provisions relating to Job Work
  • Other Provisions
  • Proceedings under the Old Law
  • Self Assessment
  • Provisional Assessment
  • Scrutiny Assessment
  • Best Judgment Assessment
  • Assessment of Non Filers of Return
  • Assessment of Unregistered Persons
  • Summary Assessment
  • Meaning of Reverse Charge
  • Registration under RCM
  • ITC under RCM
  • Time of supply of goods under reverse charge
  • Time of supply of services under reverse charge
  • Notified Goods
  • Notified Services
  • Self Invoicing under reverse charge
  • Definition and Meaning
  • Conditions to claim ITC
  • How ITC Works under GST?
  • How to utilize ITC?
  • Time limit for taking ITC
  • Cases where ITC is not available
  • Circumstances under which ITC is available
  • ITC on Capital Goods
  • Required Documents and Forms to claim ITC
  • Reversal of ITC
  • Reconciliation of ITC
  • Offences
  • Penalties
  • General Disciplines related to Penalty
  • Penalties for Late Filing
  • Penalties for Not Filing
  • Prosecution under GST
  • Inspection, Search/ Seizure under GST
  • Appeals in GST
  • Composition Levy under GST
  • Specified Rate of Composition Levy
  • Benefits of Registering under Composition Scheme
  • Eligibility Criteria for opting for Composition Levy
  • Persons not eligible for Composition Scheme
  • Important Points to Remember
  • Filing CMP-08
  • Introduction of Invoice under GST
  • Importance of Invoice
  • Various Types of Invoices Issued at the Time of Supply of Goods or Services
  • Who issues GST Invoice?
  • Details need to be disclosed in GST Invoice
  • E-Way Bill
  • Who should Generate an E-Way Bill?
  • GST E-Way Bill Format
  • GST Returns
  • Types of Returns
  • Who is liable to file Returns
  • Due Dates of filing Returns
  • Penalty or Fee for filing Late Returns
  • Import of Goods
  • ITC on Import of Goods
  • Place of supply in case of Import of Goods
  • Import of Services
  • Place of supply in case of Import of Services
  • Exports under GST
  • Zero Rated Supplies
  • Deemed Exports under GST
  • TDS under GST
  • Deductor and Deductee
  • Applicability of TDS
  • Registration of TDS
  • Deposit of TDS with the Government
  • TDS Certificate and Return
  • TCS under GST
  • Statutory Provisions related to TCS
  • New GST Return Filing Model
  • Return Form & Ann in New GST Return
  • Types of New GST Return
  • Sahaj
  • Sugam
  • Quarterly Returns
  • GST Invoice Management Options
  • ITC under New GST Returns
  • What is Margin Scheme?
  • Features of Margin Scheme
  • Valuation under Margin Scheme
  • Exemption
  • Tax Rate of Sale of Second Hand Goods
  • Issues with Margin Scheme
  • ITC under Margin Scheme
  • Annual Return Form GSTR-9
  • Who is required to File GSTR-9?
  • Different Kinds of Annual GST Returns
  • Penalty of Filing After Due Date
  • How to File GSTR-9?
  • Introduction – Accounts and Records
  • List of Documents
  • Location of the Records
  • Corrections in the Records
  • Period for Preservation of Accounts
  • Electronic Records
  • Records To Be Maintained By Owner Or Operator of Godown or Warehouse And Transporters or a Carrier or a Clearing And Forwarding Agent:
  • What is an E invoice?
  • Benefits of E-invoicing
  • Parts of E-invoicing
  • Application of E-invoicing
  • Implementing E-invoicing under GST
  • Salient Features
  • What is Debit Note?
  • Debit Note Format
  • What is Credit Note?
  • Credit Note Format
  • Introduction of New GST Set Off Rules
  • CGST (Amendment) Act made in section 49(5)
  • Impact of Amendment
  • Impact of new GST set-off rules on business
  • Illustrations on New GST Set Off Rules
  • Introduction of GST Health Check
  • Essentials of GST Health Check-up
  • Negligence of GST Laws and its Consequences
  • GST Health Check Activities
  • Scrutiny by self before scrutiny by GST Department
  • Major Amendment in GST Act 2018
  • Major Amendment in GST Act 2019
  • Major Amendment in GST Act 2020


  • Single Rate of Tax with Return Filing
  • Multiple Rates of Tax with Return Filing
  • Single Rate of Tax with Return Filing
  • Multiple Rates of Tax with Return Filing
  • Composition Scheme of Trader with Quarterly Return Filing
  • Composition Scheme of Trader with Quarterly Return Filing
  • Charging of IGST on Goods and Services
  • GST on Import of Goods and Services
  • Job Work In
  • Job Work Out
  • Branch Transfers
  • Margin Scheme
  • Transactions on Intra and Inter State Supplies
  • Transactions on TDS under GST
  • Calculation of GST
  • Return Filing


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