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AutoCAD is one of the most popular commercial Computer Aided Design (CAD) and drafting software applications. Its ability to render design and scale models in two dimensional and three-dimensional spaces for purposes of visualization makes it the preferred software tool of architects, graphic designers, interior designers, town planners, project managers, engineers (especially Mechanical, Civil, Automobile, Production and Electrical streams) and many other professionals.

A certificate course in AutoCAD will enhance the career prospects of students pursuing their education in any one of the professions listed above. If you wish to pursue an AutoCAD course with affordable fees in Mumbai North (Vasai, Virar, Palghar) region and are on the lookout for a reputed AutoCAD training institute, then look no further than Hrishi Computer Education. We are one of the best AutoCAD training institutes in the Mumbai North (Vasai-Virar-Palghar) region offering Certificate courses in AutoCAD.


2 Months


6 Days/ 2 Hours

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Given below is a list of the modules that comprise the syllabus :


  • Introduction to AutoCAD 2013
  • Interface
  • Drawing Limits
  • Grid, Snaps, Drawing commands
  • Modifying Commands, Using grips
  • Hatches, Blocks and Editing Blocks
  • Grip Menu, Customizing, Grips
  • Using object snap Polar and Otrack
  • Drafting methods
  • Parametric drawing
  • Creating and Editing Multi Line Creating
  • External References
  • Inserting Graphics and editing it
  • Managing DWF, DWFx
  • 3D DWF, Crating PDF
  • 2D drafting Using dimensions
  • Managing


  • Multiline text, single line text
  • Text styles, defining attributes and extracting attributes
  • Using text fields
  • Creating and formatting tables
  • Formatting text, creating text styles, text styles for isometric, importing text
  • Using hyperlink
  • Isometric drafting, assignment for mechanical and civil/arch
  • Drawings
  • Annotations, multi‐leaders


  • Layers, layers filters and layers' status
  • Using layers- layer match, Layer isolate, Layer Unisolate, Copy object to New Layer, Layer walk

3D mesh & Surfaces

  • Creating and editing mesh objects
  • Revolved mesh, Tabulated mesh, Ruled mesh, Edge Mesh, Mesh Modeling
  • Creating surfaces and Surface Modeling
  • 3D By thickness


  • Design Centre, Using calculator tool, Tool palette
  • Customization of the UI

3D Solid modeling

  • Creating 3D solid primitives
  • Converting 2D splines to 3D
  • Understanding views
  • Configuring view ports, creating templates
  • Understanding and using UCS commands
  • Modifying in 3D, creating 3D objects by‐ Extrude, presspull, sweep
  • Revolved and lofting
  • Understanding Boolean Commands, Move & Rotate in 3D
  • Creating section plane

Printing & Rendering

  • Model space v/s. paper space
  • Adding title block
  • Creating different layouts for different paper sizes
  • Converting DWG to PDF
  • Understanding the printing command
  • Adding Lights, camera, Assigning Material
  • Applying mapping co‐ordinates
  • Rendering the Scene
  • Animating camera and creating the walkthrough
  • Using camera to create Views create views


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