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SYJC (11th ) - Information Technology Commerce

Understand Web Publishing, Digital Marketing, and E-commerce & E-Governance in depth. Learn how to make Manual Voucher Entry in Tally, Fundamentals, Accounting Masters, Voucher Entry, Inventory Master in Tally Prime. Understand how to maintain Bill wise Details, Advanced Voucher Entries, and GST Concepts. These Information Technology Courses in India ensure that students can score very high marks in this subject and increase their overall percentage score in 12th.

Highlights of the Syjc (11th) Information Technology Commerce Course :

  • This coaching ensures that students gain an in-depth knowledge of the subject
  • Understand each practical example independently
  • Get a solid foundation in the subject
  • Training provided by experienced professionals with relevant experience
  • Get a solid foundation in the subject


1 Month


6 Days/ 2 Hours

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SYJC (11th) Information Technology Commerce Syllabus

Module 1

  • Overview of web designing and Basic HTML tag
  • Introduction of Web Publishing and HTML Page Frame
  • Image Mapping
  • Forms and Forms Objects
  • Introduction to CSS

Module 2

  • Meaning of Marketing, Concept of Digital Marketing, Channels in Digital Marketing
  • Definition of search engine, History of Search engine, Imp of Search engine, Types of Engine, How to use Search engine
  • Introduction to SEO, Types of SEO, Techniques of SEO
  • SEO Keywords, Social Boo marketing, Backlinks, Audit report
  • Google Analytics

Module 3

  • E-commerce (Concept, advantages, disadvantages and types), E-Commerce Trade cycle
  • Various Payment modes, Common forms of E-Commerce, Electronic Data Interchange, E-Governance, Security measures

Module 4

  • DBMS concepts, Various table operation, Query and form creation
  • Report generation, Introduction to relational data model - Video

Module 5

  • Why Account
  • Voucher entry of swastik co
  • Hrishi jv entry
  • Installation of tally
  • Explanation of Group
  • Group Creation Video
  • Voucher Concept
  • Voucher Entry of Swastik
  • Debit and Credit Note
  • Inventory Master
  • Inventory Master
  • Purchase order
  • Sale order
  • Hindustan co BS
  • Hindustan co entry
  • Advanced Voucher Entries

Module 6

  • Introduction, Concept of Enterprise, Resource, Planning, Functional units of ERP
  • ERP and related technologies, ERP solution providers/ERP packages, ERP and Internet


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