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Digital Marketing Manager

Welcome to the Digital Marketing Manager Course at Hrishi Computer Education! Whether you're a beginner or a professional, our course is designed to provide a comprehensive journey from basic principles to advanced strategies in digital marketing. You'll gain essential skills in SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and analytics, guided by experienced instructors who bring real-world insights and hands-on training to ensure a practical learning experience.

At Hrishi Computer Education, we believe in making quality education accessible. Our Digital Marketing Manager Course offers top-notch training at an affordable price, with flexible payment options to suit your needs. Join us to kickstart your career or enhance your skills in the dynamic world of digital marketing, and take the first step towards becoming a proficient digital marketing manager

Training Outcomes

  • Decide on which digital channels need to be targeted based on past performance and campaign goals
  • Plan and allocate the budgets for different digital channels and campaigns based on the set goals
  • Manage and meet project/task deadlines successfully
  • Identify technical issues related to the website which affect the visibility and rankings of the website in the search results
  • Analyze the web analytics and past customer data to identify the ideal target audience
  • Analyze and understand past campaign data and use it to identify best-performing channels
  • Manage and meet project/task deadlines successfully
  • Organize and interpret campaign analysis data in a detailed manner for the future use

About Digital Marketing Manager - Skill India

Pack Code    : MES/Q0706
Job Role    : Digital Marketing Manager
NSFQ Level   : 7
Job Description    : Manage daily digital marketing operations to increase the brand’s online visibility and generate leads/sales


305 hrs.


6 Days/ 4 Hours

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The complete syllabus of this digital marketing manager is given below:

Module 1

  • What is media and entertainment industry
  • Type Of Media
  • What opportunities available in media and entertainment industry
  • What exactly is marketing?
  • Understanding the Concept of Marketing
  • What Traditional Marketing
  • Why move from Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing?
  • How Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing Work together?
  • What is various form of digital marketing and why it is used
  • Blogging site and website
  • SEO, SMM , Email Marketing
  • Case study to explain how a product or a Service is sold to a customer/buyer in a normal market.

Module 2

  • What is Targeting?
  • Different Types of Targeting
  • Research Different different Type of targeting
  • Target Audience
  • Make a statergy for how to target your audience
  • What is competitor analayasis
  • How to do Competitor Analysis
  • Why is Competitor Analysis Important?
  • Type of Competitor Analysis ?
  • Analyze current customer base to find out their common characteristics and interests
  • what is demographics
  • find out the people who are most intersest in your product
  • What is digital marketing Channels
  • Why we used it
  • Research on digital marketing channel
  • Set-up digital marketing goals based on organization’s objectives
  • How can Increasing Sales
  • Make a statergy for organization goal
  • What is a digital marketing KPI?
  • Frequency of digital marketing reports to be shared with the key stakeholders

Module 3

  • Which online tool is used for image creation
  • Introduction of online tool
  • What is a Landing Page?
  • Importance of having a Landing Page
  • Rules to consider when creating a Landing Page.
  • Landing Page creation Tips and Tricks.
  • How can we set deadline for digital marketing
  • Create a log sheet for digital marketing deadline
  • how can we set demo campaign without any error
  • set a demo campaign
  • Set a campaign on different different SMM channel
  • Introduction to seo and Search Engine Optimization Do We Optimize Search Engines In SEO?
  • Different types of Search Engines .
  • How search engine works? Crawling, Indexing, Ranking
  • White Hat, Black Hat & Grey Hat SEO
  • what is on-page seo, off-page seo ?
  • what is technical seo?
  • What Are Algorithms?
  • part -1
  • What Are Algorithms?part-2"
  • How To Start An SEO Project?
  • what is keyword analysis ? what are free and paid tool and types of keyword research
  • 1 website { case study business analysis } steps
  • Short-Tail vs Long-Tail Keywords
  • What is Navigational Keyword ?
  • Navigational Keyword2
  • What is an informational keyword?
  • What are LSI Keywords? And Do They Help With SEO?
  • Singular vs Plural SEO Keywords
  • search different types of keywords and explain diffrences
  • How to Brainstorm SEO Keywords for Your Website
  • Case Study: Keyword Research
  • How to Use Semrush for Keyword Research
  • Use Keyword Planner - Google Ads
  • Keyword Ideas - Ubersuggest
  • Google Trends for Keyword Ideas
  • Keyword Prominence As A Google Ranking Factor
  • Keyword Research Project
  • On-page SEO checklist
  • How to Optimize Your URLs
  • Title Tag Optimization
  • What Are Meta Descriptions
  • What is the H1 Tag and Why it is Important
  • what is meta keywords?
  • what is internal and external link?
  • what is anchor text?
  • content keyword density
  • content optimization grammer
  • meta tag optimization
  • Alt image optimization
  • image compression
  • Keyword Cannibalization: What It Is and How to Avoid It?
  • tools we need to optimize keyword research free and paid
  • Technical seo checklist
  • what are sitemaps and types of sitemaps
  • how to submit site map
  • what is xml.html
  • what is robots.txt file
  • "xml sitemap , what is html
  • how to submit sitemap
  • robots.txr"
  • case study and assignments
  • what isn schema markup
  • website schema data
  • what is importance of backlink
  • do-follow / no-follow , what is DA/PA
  • link building forum posting
  • link building guest posting
  • infographic submission
  • vedio submission
  • Q/A submission
  • article submission"
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Understand how email marketing works
  • Creating email marketing campaigns
  • Using different tools to send bulk emails
  • Transactional mail and Direct mail
  • Creating sequence email list
  • Generating leads through email list
  • Customer engagement and retention
  • Check all the matrices of audience targeting, advertising format, tracking and scheduling
  • How to target your audience
  • set a format for ads Champaign
  • set a schedule for ads campaign
  • Set a budget for all digital marketing channel
  • set a budget for one campaign in all channel
  • review and ensure that the campaign budgets are set-up as per the plan

Module 4

  • How can we track the see the insight
  • Make a report for a performance daily / weekly / Monthly
  • Compare all the campaign with different channel
  • How to stop the low performance ads with ads managers
  • Stop the ads who are giving low preference
  • How can we schedule a campaign on active hours
  • Research on most active hours audience
  • Update the campaign budgets based on their performance and conversion rates
  • View Insights and set budget for campaign

Module 5

  • How to see insights of reach, engagement, cost per click, cost per conversion
  • Create a log sheet for campaign performance matrices
  • Tracking Campaign Activity and User Engagement
  • How to see insights of website
  • create a log sheet for campaign performance matrices
  • How can we create documentation for the all the digital campaign
  • How to compare report on different different channel
  • How to create report for all digital channel i.e SMM SEO
  • Make a PPT for complete digital marketing channel


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