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Assistant Graphic Designer creates visual concepts, using computer software or by hand, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers. They develop the overall layout and production design for various applications such as advertisements, brochures, magazines, and corporate reports etc. with high visual impact.
Assistant Graphic Designer in the Media & Entertainment industry is also known as Junior visualizer and works under the graphic designer. Assistant graphic designer assists in designing basic visuals as per the instructions and feedback provided by graphic designer.

Training Outcomes

  • Plan and prioritize work according to the requirements
  • Understand the value addition on the work and better ways to work on it smoothly and efficiently
  • Manage decision on suitable course of action
  • Check that own and/or your peer's work meets customer requirements
  • Ensure that work requires technical assistance to meet the desired outcomes and ability and how it is being solved
  • The user/individual on the job needs to know and understand how to: NA
  • Finalize the design ideas created or edited as per the project requirements
  • Work effectively in a customer facing environment

About Assistance Graphic Designer - Skill India

Pack Code    : MES/Q0602
Job Role    : Assistant Graphic Designer
NSFQ Level   : 3
Job Description    : Assists in designing basic visuals as per the instructions and feedback provided by graphic designer


4 Months


6 days/ 1 ½ Hours

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The syllabus of our Graphic Designer course is given below:

Corel Draw

  • Introduction to CorelDraw
  • Features , Interface, Different files types
  • General Settings and Customization
  • Entire tool box
  • Objects tools & its properties
  • Shapes tools & its properties, Node editing
  • Introducing color palettes
  • Applying color fills and Outlines to Shapes & objects
  • Eyedropper and Paint bucket, Smart fill Tools
  • Introduction Text Tool
  • Artistic and paragraph text
  • Formatting Text, Wrapping Text around Object
  • Embedding Object into text
  • Linking Text to Object
  • Selecting / deleting objects
  • Modifying / Arranging objects
  • Working with multiple objects
  • Power of Blends
  • Distortion
  • Contour Effects
  • Envelopes
  • Transparency
  • Creating Depth Effects
  • Power clips
  • Adding Perspective
  • Using the lens effect
  • Adding bevels
  • Edit Menu & Its Option
  • View Menu & Its option
  • Layout Menu & Its Option
  • Arrange Menu & Its Option
  • Table Menu & ITS Option
  • Window Menu & Its Option
  • Working with layers, Properties
  • Introduction , Editing Applying effects

Module 2

  • Different sizes used according to Graphic
  • Understanding graphic according to different platforms
  • Interpreting different graphic element according to various platforms
  • Understanding the time frame and creating a schedule according to the requirement of work
  • Getting and Understanding the Client Demand on design Specification
  • Collecting the Resources According to work Specification
  • Checking the hardware and software requirement for graphic Designing
  • Research on different sizes used in Graphic Designing work
  • Research on Latest trends used in Different platforms
  • Create a Schedule according to Different work assign
  • Describe from start how will you start and finish the process according to your schedule planned
  • Understanding the concept
  • Generating ideas using Different Techniques
  • Understanding the Concept of cleints by studying their brand logo and color scheme
  • Maintaining Consistency in our Graphics for particular brand
  • Create a balance in your graphic designing in regards of client perpective and your own
  • Finalizing the concept
  • Research about the latest trending concept and ideas used in your selected project
  • Refer some brands social media handles or products and see how they use consistency in thier designs
  • In a word document list down atleast 5 concept or ideas which you've research
  • In a word document describe how will you can add consistency to your clients design
  • In a word Document write down your targeted audience and describe how will you target that particular audience
  • Quiz on Basic idea, theme & concept for different Graphics
  • How different colors generate a persona of a brand
  • Brand Identity
  • Some Examples of strong Brand Identity
  • Why is Client Branding so important
  • How Branding generates Trust & Credibility
  • What is target audience
  • Understanding target audience according to the brand or client
  • Creating Concept and Idea according to targeted Audience
  • Branding template
  • How graphic design helps in branding
  • Research about trending brands on how they have made their brand identity
  • Research on how brands have selected and targeted their audience
  • In a word Document taking example of atleast 5 brands describe how each brands color scheme effects user perspective towards brand
  • in a word document create a brand of your own and describe which audience will you target according to your brand
  • Quiz on Understanding Clients branding
  • Learning different channels through which we can reach targeted audience
  • Determining different software according to graphic to be made
  • Understanding different media platforms according to targeted audience
  • Trending platforms according to different audience
  • How social media platforms has an impact on Today's Generation
  • Importance of graphic in Social Media platforms
  • Research on different platforms effectiveness according to trending brands
  • Research on Social media page of any trending Brand
  • describe your own brand and describe which platform will be the most effective according to your brand
  • Describe in your own terms how social media impacts today's Generation
  • Quiz on Different Platform Requirement for the project
  • Understanding the specification of project
  • Understanding the media specification of the project
  • Adjusting the work schedule according to previous project if any
  • Collecting resources and requirements according to the project
  • Going through the client requirement and branding
  • preparing the software and arranging the resources accordingly
  • Refer and understand the work schedule from the given Example(PDF)
  • Select a project of your own and create a work requirement according to the project
  • Gather resources according to the project
  • Quiz on Work Requirement for the project
  • Introduction a. Introduction to Corel Draw & About Course how to Start, Interface and File Menu
  • Start Drawing Using Tools Pick Tools Shape Tools Shape Tool, Crop Tools & Zoom Tool Smooth, Smear and some more tools and working on layers Assignment using the Tools Learnt
  • Some More Tools and Menu Free Hand Tools Artistic Media Tool Parallel Dimension Tools & Straight-Line Connector Tools Assignment
  • Working with Colors Color Pallet and Color Eyedropper Different fills & outline fill in Corel draw Mesh fill, Interactive Fill Tool and Smart Fill Tool Assignment
  • Typography In CorelDraw Text Tool Text Menu Assignment on Typography
  • Tracing and Some Tools Tracing and Some Tools Power Clipping Assignment
  • Effects and Menu Effects tool and Transparency Tools Bitmaps Menu Effects Menu Assignment
  • Practical Assignment to get Industry Ready a. Digital Industry Instagram Wishing Post Instagram & Facebook Ads Web Banner Landing Page UI Ecommerce Page UI YouTube Thumbnail printing Industry Brochure Tri-fold Brochure Business Card T-shirt Printing Packaging Calendar Wedding Invitation menu card id card Resume c. Logo logo using Golden Ratio

Module 3

  • What are raw files
  • From where to collect the raw file or materials
  • Some most used website for resources
  • Understanding copyright
  • How to avoid copyright issues
  • Gathering and Maintaing raw images and Materials for future use
  • Go through different websites for resources
  • Make a list of material you will be needed for your project
  • Collect materials according to the project
  • Quiz on Gathering Raw files for project
  • What is production process
  • Different steps you need to make sure before production
  • Sorting the material & design for production process
  • Making the material ready for production process
  • Research on different types of material used for printing
  • Research on different types of output used for Digital work
  • Descrcibe step by step how production process work
  • Quiz on production process
  • Checking that our computer meets the hardware requirement of different graphic software
  • Checking that our computer meets the Operating System and other software requirement of different graphic software
  • Checking other required Equipment is connected properly for use
  • Installing the software if not done
  • Read all the user manual and specs requirement of graphic software
  • Install any graphic software
  • Quiz on Software requirement
  • What is a Data buckup for Graphic Designer
  • Why data backup is important
  • How autosave work in different software
  • How to Backup your own data in proper file formats
  • Practice file saving and backup in different Software
  • Make backup of atleat 6 files in different software(2 files per software)
  • Quiz on Data Backup
  • Different file formats for final output
  • Making sure all your work has saved in specific file format according to the specification
  • What type of file format should be used for client Approval
  • Making sure you've proper medium for before presentation
  • Research on all file formats available during saving on different software
  • practice saving your graphic in different software
  • Quiz on file formats
  • Temp files and logs
  • Different temp files created by different software
  • How to clear all temp files
  • How to avoid deleting backup
  • Search temp files for different software
  • Clear all temp files avoiding backups
  • Quiz on Temp files

Module 4

  • What are the basic data requirement for a graphic
  • How to collect data according to our Concept
  • List down important data to make a Design around your Concept
  • Research relevant data for your design
  • Collect and list down data on word file
  • Quiz
  • Researching on Different Competitor
  • Generating Concept with the help of drawings
  • Listing different Concepts
  • Research on different Competitor
  • Make a Concept according to the design
  • quiz
  • Selecting relevant Graphic according according to the concept
  • Using Brand elements in design
  • finding appropriate graphic as per your concept
  • Research and find out graphics to be used in your design
  • list down selected graphic to be used in your design
  • Quiz
  • What are Indicative Messages
  • How indicative messages affect our design
  • How to research about indicative message
  • Research on some Concepts with good messages
  • List down at least 5 slogan or messages to use with your Concept
  • quiz
  • Getting Every elements together
  • Arranging the Elements and generating idea, theme, Concept
  • Finalizing the design to present to the client
  • Check all the element is relevant as per your concept
  • Make a Final Design concept
  • quiz
  • Making a sketch or rough image to present the idea to the peer
  • Getting feedback from clients
  • Making final changes as per client suggestion
  • prepare yourself with a Design Presentation
  • Present your design to any of your mate and take suggestions and note down it and finalise your concept
  • quiz


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