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SYJC (12th) IT Mastery (Information Technology Science)

Get an overview of web designing, basic HTML, and attributes of forms.
Also, learn to insert images and videos in a webpage. Understand what is CSS and SEO with SEO keywords, social bookmarking, and backlinks.

Know features of JavaScript, objectives, and events.
Get through the depth knowledge of server-side scripting (PHP) and form connectivity with the database, SQL statement and its execution, cookies and session.

Highlights of the SYJC (12th) IT Mastery (Information Technology Science) Course:

  • This coaching ensures that students gain an in-depth knowledge of the subject
  • Understand each practical example independently
  • Get a solid foundation in the subject
  • In this Information Technology Courses for Beginners training provided by experienced professionals with relevant experience
  • Lifetime course access


1 Month


6 Days/ 2 Hours

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SYJC (12th) IT Mastery (Information Technology Science) Syllabus

Module 1

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Overview of Web Designing and Basic HTML tag
  • Introduction of Web Publishing
  • HTML Page Frame
  • Image Mapping
  • Attribute of Forms
  • Inserting Image and Video in webpage
  • Setting for Window and Cross Browser testing
  • Introduction to CSS

Module 2

  • Introduction to SEO
  • Types of SEO
  • Techniques of SEO
  • SEO Keywords
  • Social Book marketing
  • Backlinks

Module 3

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Feature of JavaScript
  • Switch case and Looping statement
  • Break and Continue statement
  • DOM (Document Object Model)
  • JavaScript Objects
  • JavaScript Events

Module 4

  • Introduction to PHP
  • PHP Variable
  • Rules of PHP Variable
  • PHP Data types
  • PHP Constants
  • Constants are Global
  • Array in PHP
  • Types of Arrays
  • Sorting Arrays
  • Functions
  • User Define Functions
  • PHP Date and Time
  • Assignment Operator
  • PHP Conditional Statements
  • Switch Statements
  • PHP Looping Statement
  • Variable Scope
  • PHP Global Variables
  • Superglobals

Module 5

  • Basic of IoT
  • Basic of cloud computing
  • Introduction to AI
  • Introduction to 5G

Module 6

  • Introduction
  • E-Commerce definition
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Commerce
  • Types of E-Commerce
  • Trade Cycle
  • Modes of Payment
  • Forms of E-Commerce
  • EDI
  • E-Governance
  • Types of E-Governance
  • Security Measures in E-Commerce


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