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SEM - Search Engine Marketing COURSE in Vasai-Virar (Classroom Training)

Introduction to Social Media Manager course at Hrishi Computer Education! If you're eager to dive into the world of social media, this course is perfect for you. We offer a thorough training program that will take you from the basics right through to advanced techniques, all at an affordable price.
This course is ideal for anyone - whether you're a student wanting to enter the field, a professional looking to shift careers, or a business owner needing to boost your online presence. We'll start with the essentials, helping you understand different social media platforms and how to create engaging content. As you progress, you'll learn about analytics, strategic planning, advertising, and how to manage a community online.
Our goal is to provide top-notch education that's accessible to everyone. By the end of this course, you'll be well-equipped to manage social media effectively, especially on professional networks like LinkedIn. Join us at Hrishi Computer Education and start your journey to becoming a skilled social media manager today!

Training Outcomes

  • Plan and prioritize work according to the requirements
  • Understand the value addition on the work and better ways to work on it smoothly and efficiently
  • Manage decision on suitable course of action
  • Check that own and/or your peer's work meets customer requirements
  • Ensure that work requires technical assistance to meet the desired outcomes and ability and how it is being solved
  • The user/individual on the job needs to know and understand how to: NA
  • Finalize the design ideas created or edited as per the project requirements
  • Work effectively in a customer facing environment

About Assistance Social Media Manager - Skill India

Job Role    : Social Media Manager


4 Months


6 days/ 1 ½ Hours

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The syllabus of our Social Media Manager Course is given below:

Module 1

  • Introduction to Designing

  • Introduction to Canva Dashboard

  • Creating Brandkit & Overview on Responsive Image Designing

  • Creating Website Responsive Images

  • Creating Social Media Responsive Images

  • Creating Printed Materials Using Canva

  • Other Essential Materials Creation Using Canva

Module 2

  • Social Media Marketing & Concepts
  • Social Media Prerequisites

Module 3

  • Introduction of Facebook
  • Introduction to Instagram
  • Instagram Account Optimization
  • Introduction to Meta Business Suite
  • Introduction to Posting & Auto-Scheduling

Module 4

  • Introduction to YouTube Marketing & Video Equipment Recommendations
  • Creating Your YouTube Channel From Scratch
  • Uploading your Video & YouTube SEO
  • The YouTube Studio

Module 5


  • Exploring Twitter
  • Exploring Pinterest

Module 6

  • Introduction to LinkedIn Platform & LinkedIn Profile Optimisation
  • LinkedIn Banner, Post & Content Creation
  • Linked In Ads
  • Linked Analytics

Module 7

  • Paid Marketing (Awareness Campaigns)
  • Paid Marketing (Traffic Campaigns)
  • Paid Marketing (Engagement Campaigns)
  • Paid Marketing (Lead Campaigns)
  • Tracking Conversions System Setup
  • Conversion / Sale Ad Campaign Live Demonstration
  • Base Metrics for Understanding Results
  • Building your very own Facebook Insights Reports

Module 8

  • Introduction to Google Ads & Google Ad Strategies
  • Creating Different types of Ads (PPC Advertising)
  • Ad Targeting Options & Increasing Reach

Module 9

  • Meta Chatbot Automations
  • Whatsapp Marketing & Automation
  • Landing Page Automations
  • Webinar Strategy & Automations
  • Complete Workflow Automation (Payment & E-Mail)


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