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The Coding With Php And Mysql Course offered by HRISHI ONLINE BUDDHI enables learners with zero skills to learn the basic essentials of Php and Database Management with Mysql and provides working knowledge to develop advanced web applications using Php & Mysql from scratch.

It covers the concepts in the Php Mysql Tutorial based on the foundational topics that includes Basics starting with Php, Working with Form, Super Global Variable, Php and Mysql DB (CRUD Operation - Creating User Management System) and much more.
What’s more, this 12 Hours Online Course is also equipped with Comprehensive Study Notes that can help any Individual to acquire the fundamental development skills to build their own Php Mysql Web App.

Highlights of the Php And Mysql Course:

  • Get Training By Experienced Professionals With Relevant Experience
  • Master Your Skills With In-Depth Training Videos in this WordPress Complete Course in Hindi
  • Comprehensive Study Notes Prepared By Expert Faculty In Soft Copy Format
  • Lifetime Access


3 Months


6 days/ 1 ½ Hours

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The complete course syllabus for Coding With Php And Mysql Course is given below:

Introduction With PHP

  • Variable , Data type , String
  • Constants , Arrays , Sorting Arrays , , Multidimensional Arrays
  • Function , User Define Fuction , PHP Date and Time
  • Condition If Else , Switch Statments , While Loop , For Loop
  • PHP Global , Super Global Variable

Working with Form

  • Form Handling
  • Form Validation
  • Required Field in PHP

Super Global Variable

  • Cookies
  • Session

Error Handling

  • Error Handling
  • Exception Handling

PHP and MySQL DB (CRUD Operation - Creating User Management System)

  • Mater Page Designing
  • Include Files With mater Page
  • ADD User Page Designing
  • Creating and Connecting to MYSQL Database
  • Inserting User Data to Database & Img Upload
  • Manage User Page & Design with PHP Code
  • Designing of Edit Page
  • PHP Code for Uploading a Particular User Data
  • PHP Code for Deleting a Particular User Data
  • Using Data Table

More Features in UMS

  • Login Page Design
  • PHP Code for Admin & Creating Admin Table
  • PHP Code for Logout
  • Authenticating In Each Page Through Session If User Is Logged In


  • Removing PHP from url
  • Redirecting your Website From http to https


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