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Personality Development

Personality Development course

After the completion of their studies, a student can opt to either become an entrepreneur or a professional. To ensure success, it is essential that students be groomed to conduct themselves professionally in a corporate/office environment. This is necessary since an appealing personality is one of the keys to success in our highly competitive world. People with appealing personalities possess certain desirable skill sets such as communication skills, public speaking skills, physical fitness, etiquette, discipline, confidence, proper body language, etc. These skills serve to accelerate their success quotient.

Hrishi Computer Education is one of the Best Computer Training in Mumbai North (Vasai, Virar, Palghar) region. We provide training in Personality Development wherein students are taught self-management, interpersonal skills, Team Building, Communication skills, etc. These skill-sets will help them in improving their personality as well as build a positive approach towards professionalism. What's more, our Personality Development Training course is specifically designed for young Indian men and women (students and professionals), keeping in mind both the Indian as well as the global context in which they interact.
Enroll in a Certificate Course in Personality Development at our institute to learn the techniques for self-improvement and build the confidence required to transform yourself into the best version of yourself. Develop the go-getter attitude to achieve what you truly deserve! And if you are looking for computer courses, then Hrishi Computer Educations is the Best Computer Classes in Mumbai.


30 Hours


2 days/ 2 hours

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The syllabus for the Personality Development course at our institute is given below:


  • Swot Analysis
  • Proactivity
  • Planning and Goal Setting
  • Self-Discipline
  • Self-Awareness
  • Time Management

Interpersonal Skill Development

  • Positive Attitude
  • Transactional Analysis (PAC)
  • Developing Assertiveness

Team Building

  • Team Work
  • Team Games


  • Verbal and Non-verbal Communication
  • Barriers to Communication
  • Public Speaking
    • Self-Introduction
    • My Role Model
    • Happiest movement in my life
    • Video Games are Good or Bad
    • One Movie I still Love
    • Presentation Skills on any topic


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HRISHI Computer Education, one of the leading IT/ Computer Education Institutes in Vasai-Virar, is run under the visionary leadership of Mrs. Surekha Bhosale.

HRISHI Computer Education is one of the leading IT Education Institute in Vasai Taluka under the visionary leadership of Mrs. Surekha Bhosale.

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