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Who We Are?

HRISHI Computer Education was launched in 2003 under the visionary leadership of Mrs. Surekha Bhosale who is an alumnus of the Indian School of Business (one of the top MBA School in the world). Today Hrishi Computer Education has grown up to its 3 branches with one of the largest Education Institute in Vasai Taluka.

Vivid Description

Today, Hrishi Computer Education has successfully trained more than 33000 professionals and conducted training for more than 6500 batches of students from its three branches, making it one of the largest and leading IT Education Institutes in Vasai-Virar city. Being an ISO 9000:2001 certified and government-recognized institute, Hrishi Computer Education is one of the most preferred institutes for computer courses in Mumbai North (Vasai, Virar, Palghar) region.


Our Vision

  • Become the most preferred institute when it comes to IT education in India by 2030.


Our Mission

  • To impart latest and next generation technological education that creates outstanding professionals and entrepreneurs.


Our Values

  • Excellence in Reputation

  • Innovation

  • Enrichment of knowledge

  • Affectionate and courteous approach

Our Features

Hrishi Computer Education Vasai

Real Value for Money

We offer our various courses at highly competitive rates. No other training institute in this region offers all the facilities (infrastructure, faculty, personalized attention, placement) at our rates.

Easy to Understand Methodologies

We understand the learning curve for each student is different and have therefore designed the content of our various courses to cater to the diverse needs and capacities of students. Our faculty members are easy to approach for counselling, mentoring and doubt clarification.

Experienced Coaching Faculty

Having competent, experienced and well-trained coaching staff positively impacts the quality of education/training imparted. Our committed faculty members play a proactive role in training students in their respective courses. They understand that the learning pace of each student can differ and hence adopt an all-inclusive approach while training/coaching.

Installment Facility for Paying Fees

We provide monthly installment facility for paying the course fees so that parents/students can afford the fees.

Internship Opportunities

Internship opportunities are made available to willing and capable students in order to enable them in gaining relevant work experience, skills and learning the practical impact of their studies.

Personal Attention for All

Personal attention is one of the hallmarks of a premier institute. Students pursuing educational courses at our institute will get personal attention from our friendly and approachable staff and can get doubts easily resolved. Our faculty ensures that disheartened or demotivated students are put back on track.

Placement Assistance to help you find the Right Job

Hrishi Computer Education has tie-ups and collaborations with many industrial enterprises as well as government/semi-government bodies. We provide career counselling to our students and have a dedicated placement cell which ensures that students get placed in organizations in line with their career aspirations and options.

Emphasis on Practical and Visual Training

Incorporating a scientific approach to educating students, we have smart classrooms where we coach students using visuals on a projector rather than pure bookish text or theory. Students are also assigned industry-relevant practical or live projects to enhance their employability.

Extra Time for Practice Sessions

If any student requires remedial or extra practice sessions, then he/she will be permitted to do so subject to availability of the computer labs.

Infrastructure Framework and Facilities

As a premier training institute, we understand how suitable infrastructure facilities play a huge hand in creating a favorable environment for professional growth. We have excellent hard and soft infrastructure framework in place at all our branches.

Awards And Achievements

Quality Policy

HRISHI Computer Education shall work towards a common goal of achieving, “Students and Parents Satisfaction” by following Quality Policy

  • Effective management of technological and professional education services offered by our institute.
  • Ensuring that the Quality policies and associated responsibilities are effectively communicated by the Managing committee to the employees.
  • Ensuring that the Quality policies are practiced by our employees with high degrees of commitment.
  • Ensuring professional standards, statutory and regulatory requirements are complied with implementing policies that meet the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System (This quality system focuses on professional teaching and learning processes).
  • Ensuring faculty members adapt and scale up their interaction with students to deliver knowledge that meets the changing demands of the Corporate sector.
  • Ensuring a truly professional environment to develop and enhance the academic, social and emotional abilities of our students with a holistic approach.
  • Ensuring that the various divisions, teams and teaching staff interact effectively with students to meet their needs.
  • To provide continuous improvement as documented in our Quality objectives.

Managemant Team

Chairman and Managing Director of Hrishi Computer Education

Surekha Bhosale

Chairman and Managing Director

Surekha Bhosale

Chairman and Managing Director

Surekha Bhosale is a founder of Hrishi Computer Education. She has completed her Management Studies from ISB (Indian School of Business). She is a visionary and has been the major driving force behind the inception and success of this business. She is a dreamer and has the capacity to convert her dreams into reality. She is always ready to take risk and accepts challenges in its face. Even though coming from a poor family and without any professional academic experience, she is a born leader and entrepreneur to the core. She also actively participates in social events and is member of Lions Club of Vasai Unique. Even though Surekha in the days after the college was doing a small job she lacks any professional experience. Even then she jumped into the business and made it her battle ground as well as school where she learned invaluable principles of running business from her own experience and mistakes. While running business she has earned multiple awards.

Marketing Director of Hrishi Computer Education

Hanumant Bhosale

Marketing Director

Hanumant Bhosale

Marketing Director

The Co-founder of Hrishi Computer Education is Mr. Hanumant Bhosale. He is BE (Production). He is professor in Vidyavardhini's BVP DIPLOMA college of Engineering, Vasai. Even though from engineering background he has done several courses in personality development subject. Himself a very good motivational speaker, he regularly conducts seminars on personality development and career guidance. He has a very active social life and participates in local politics as well. He is also a Zone Chairperson of Lions Club and member of Lions Club of Vasai Unique. His social contacts have been valuable asset for Hrishi computer Education.

Our Experience & Training Programs

With 17+ years of experience in conducting vocational training programs, academic coaching, training and workshops for different technologies as well as Government-funded courses and projects, Hrishi Computer Education has aided several thousand among India’s youth in developing skills that have enhanced their career prospects. Today, Hrishi Computer Education is one of the top coaching classes in Mumbai North (Vasai, Virar, Palghar) for IT training and computer courses.

Training Programs offered by Hrishi Computer Education:

Aims and Ideals of Hrishi Computer Education

  • Aims and Ideals of Hrishi Computer Education

    To set the bar of our IT education standard so high so that the Corporate sector finds it lucrative to hire students trained from our institute.

  • Hrishi Aims and Ideals

    To spark the entrepreneurial spirit among our students by creating a paradigm shift in their thought process so that they are ready to take the road less travelled towards entrepreneurship rather than sitting cozy with a safe office job.

  • Hrishi Education and Training Center

    To use the latest technologies and infrastructure available for education and training purposes.

  • Ideals of Hrishi Computer Education

    To formulate organizational policies and professional courses that become the gold standard for other educational institutes to emulate.

  • Aims of Hrishi Computer Education

    To create a vibrant, responsive and thriving work culture so that our employees feel proud to be part of the Hrishi Computer Education family.

  • Financial course

    To make a positive contribution in the lives of our employees, students and alumni by contributing to their financial independence.

  • aims and ideals of hrishi

  • aims and ideals of hrishi computer coaching classes

    To democratize educational and business technologies by empowering the masses with the knowledge of how to wield them so that their career prospects are enhanced, and their lives become easier and enjoyable.

  • aims and ideals of hrishi computer

Our Partners

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HRISHI Computer Education, one of the leading IT/ Computer Education Institutes in Vasai-Virar, is run under the visionary leadership of Mrs. Surekha Bhosale.

HRISHI Computer Education is one of the leading IT Education Institute in Vasai Taluka under the visionary leadership of Mrs. Surekha Bhosale.

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